Activities according to the season

We personalise activities according to the weather conditions and season



March 21st

Burst of nature · The county blossoms

An ideal seasson to practice hiking or cycling with friends or family, enjoying an outdoor meal made of local produce at the end of the day. Chose between “migas” or tasty “caldereta” , served with asparragus from the area, followed by a dessert of figs or the first cherries of the season from the La Vera county.

During our walks we will observe how the fields are being prepared for the first harvest of the seasson. We will also contemplate the cherry trees and the Spanish brooms blossom, as well as other flora less known but equally beautiful, such as the rockrose or the broom.

It is the suitable season to practice photography due to the ideal conditions of the natural light. We will organise a practice tutorial during our walks about photography using natural light, trying out the possibility of creating expectacular images using the new advances in technology in a very easy way.



June 21st

Tabacco, pepper and other general orchard products begin to be harvested

It is the time to get to know the local agriculture on foot, hiking or cycling or we can even accompany you with your motorcycle along the trails that run through the plantations. We will show you the crops and the irrigation areas, that contrast with the arboreal richness of the mountain range that we will later visit. The day will finish with a swim in the fresh waters of one of the characteristic gorges in the area. These structures create large ponds enclaved in unique sites that will last long in your memory.

To recover your strength, we will prepare a picnic with a tasty salad together with a gazpacho extremeño or tomato soups with fresh local produce, such as; trout fished at the local gorges or freshly cut watermelon as dessert.

If you decide to stay longer, you can join a beginners tutorial on orchard agriculture; tools to be used, maintenance, characteristics of organic agriculture and its long term advantages and benefits.



Septembre 21st

Observe how the oak trees snow

Places, moments, trails; we will guide you to find those corners of the woods where you will enjoy watching the oak trees snow, whilst rejoining in the traditional verata cuisine.

We will get to know seasonal produce for Autumn: chestnuts, almonds, jujube, figs and not the least mushrooms, which proliferate after the first rains.

In this occassion we will offer you recipes with the flavours of Autumn, being mushroom croquette, al fungi rice, pumpkin omelet and for dessert fig biscuit.

We will go deep into the local woods to contemplate the variety of trees and the unique flora such as ferns and broom. We will go mushroom gathering in the woods and bird watching all together with a practical tutorial on landscape photography.



December 21st

It is the time to watch the gorges with its peak flow

Gorges are geological structures which differentiate the county of La Vera from the rest. Filled with fast flowing waters running through uneven terrain and polishing the granite rocks in the river bed, enclaved in the narrow passageways of the mountains.

It is a remarkable landscape, unique within the Iberian penninsula, waiting for you to discover it and allowing the experience to surprise you. We will visit the most attractive gorges in the area driving a 4x4, stopping in carefully selected areas that will allow us to watch and photograph beautiful landscapes.

You will taste food by the warmth of the fireplace in our lodging. Savouring dried beef and the diverse venison cold meats. We will delight ourselves with amazing potato soups, very characteristic in the county, goat’s stew called caldereta and dessert of fig biscuit.