Excursiones en 4x4

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1 day up to 4 people

Enjoy an off-road driving experience in a 4×4 for a day

If you are within a 35km radius from our address, tell us where you are staying and we will pick you up. Or if you have got a vehicle we can arrage a meeting point. In a brief conversation you can say what your expectations are and we can arrange an experience pack that will make you relax.

We will begin when we meet at the arranged place and the tour will finish at sunset at the same meeting point.

The package includes:

    • Pick up with the 4×4 vehicle at the meeting point.
    • Outdoor snack with local produce from Extremadura.
    • 1 day of off-road driving in a 4×4.

100 € per day
50 €/person. Minimum of 2 people.

Weekend stay for 2 people

Spend a weekend enjoying the county of La Vera

We will welcome you on Friday at whichever time you can arrive to our premises. The first evening we will discuss your expectations for the weekend so we can arrange a personilised experience package. We will also discuss the menus to make sure they are suitable for you and discuss any food alergies or intolerances.

The package includes:

    • Accommodation within a comfortable apartment with a country side feel and city comfort.
    • Three meals a day, each day, with local produce and traditional recipes from Extremadura.
    • Two days of off-driving experience in 4×4.

275 € for two people
Children less than 4 years old go free (accommodation subject to availability)

Request for availability
please write the date or dates when it is convenient to do the activity
Please, indicate your favorite activity
Please do not forget to put the number of people, if you want food in the field and if children go, their ages. Thank you

In a 4×4 vehicle

Todoterreno 4x4

Come to La Vera to experience some amazing places in your own four-wheel drive vehicle or, if you prefer, you can explore in ours, with the added convenience of an expert driver.

Conyegar has prepared outings that allow you to enjoy the area and at the same time learn simple driving techniques and GPS basics that will enable you to solve some simple orienteering challenges in areas with no signposting.


Conyegar 4x4

Respect for our surroundings and the natural environment play a major role in our activities, because we want the beauty and integrity of the places we love to remain intact over time.

We have outings of different difficulty levels and duration so we can adapt to your needs and preferences, always with a view to creating a host of pleasant sensations during your visit to La Vera.

If you want to come with friends, the outings can be for a group of no more than three vehicles (10 persons), so that we can give you personal treatment.

All of our outings include a picnic lunch in the countryside, made naturally with local products and traditional recipes from the region. We want you to enjoy the experience with all your senses.

If you plan to spend the night, we provide you with accommodations that have the soul of a small town and all the comforts of a city.

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Ask Carlos

Carlos Antón

Member of the technical team of 4×4-based expeditions to Cuba, Venezuela, Israel, Burkina Faso, Mali and Morocco.

What to bring

4x4 Qué llevar

All you need to bring is yourself and the people who will be sharing the experience with you; we provide the rest, and we will even pick you up, if you choose to travel by train, at the railway station in Navalmoral de la Mata or Plasencia.

You can also come with your own 4×4 vehicle, provided it is in good condition. Make sure you arrive with a full tank and are in the mood to drive, or else opt for an expert driver who will take you on outings designed especially for you.

Depending on the time of year, we will have a picnic lunch outdoors or in a cabin or mountain refuge, discussing the region’s special customs and places. If you feel like listening to the silence, we will blend into the surroundings and allow you to savour the moment.

The 4×4 outings can be adapted to all driving levels and the amount of time you can spend with us in La Vera.

* All of our activities are covered by civil liability and accident insurance for each participant.
A support vehicle is available at all times, with a first-aid kit, radio communication equipment, GPS and GSM communication.

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