Paseos a pie, bici o en moto

About us

Conyegar means in castuo (the traditional extremaduran language) to get together, to meet somebody

Our objetives

Conyegar’s aim is to satisfy the curiosity of visitors who come from other places and ensure they have a pleasant, relaxing visit. We also aim to promote sustainable models that encourage respect for the region’s resources and culture and highlight the value of idiosyncrasies the region of Extremadura.

For whom

The company has two different target audiences. First of all, people from other countries who are interested in getting to know other cultures and the region’s natural environment. And secondly, people who live in the region of La Vera and are interested in either learning about and preserving its traditions or receiving training in the new technologies.

The settings

Located on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range, the region of La Vera is an especially fertile area. Any time of year is a good time to get to know this region.

    • In winter, watch the snow falling on La Vera’s oak trees.
    • In autumn, feel the mist and the serenity of the region envelop you.
    • In spring, experience the explosion of green that the region’s rich and varied vegetation brings forth at this time of year.
    • In the summer, listen to the crystalline waters gurgling in the mountain streams.

Conyegar works with hotels and restaurants in the region and our team members are, whenever possible, professionals from La Vera specialized in each subject.


• Kitchen garden in Finca Arias, in Jarandilla de la Vera.
• Finca Maninas in the mountains near Losar de la Vera.
• Accommodations in Losar de La Vera.
• Top-quality equipment in all activities.


Excursiones a pié

Hikes that give you the chance to learn about the places you visit along the way, in the company of a guide who will help you get to know the region efficiently. We will discover the mountain range by following its winding paths, while observing its rich flora and fauna and getting to know its traditional residents, the cabreros, or goatherds.


Vehicle 4×4 (up to four people), through unique rural areas, in complete safety.

By Motorcycle

If you like off-road motorcycling but want to discover new places or don’t want to go alone, this is for you. We will accompany you on the trails, pointing out the challenging spots and offering the support you need to enjoy the scenery and the ride.

Bike rides

Bike rides along old Roman roads or the routes created by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Outings to experience unique spots.

According to the season
Actividades según la época del año

We like to adapt to nature so that you can enjoy your experience to the fullest. For this we propose different activities depending on the time of year in which we find ourselves. You can choose the type of activity you want to do. We also have activities for children.

Guide for groups
Acompañante guía

We can organise your full trip, preparing a programme with the transit points and places to visit, discussing with you the end journey

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